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Melissa and Doug

Let's Explore Double-Sided Seek & Find Puzzle

Let's Explore Double-Sided Seek & Find Puzzle

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Piece together twice the fun with this double-sided seek-and-find 48-piece puzzle! Explore an orange-hued forest and underground scene on one side and a lush, green-toned pond and underwater scene on the other. Reference keys show the finished pictures and identify the plants and critters found in each habitat. Use the included magnifier and the seek-and-find cards for more playing and learning opportunities once the puzzle is complete! The jumbo-sized sturdy cardboard jigsaw pieces with wipe-clean surfaces are easy for small hands to manipulate. The assembled puzzle measures approximately three feet by two feet! Let’s Explore™ encourages kids to connect with the natural world through imaginative play! Discover the joy of outdoor adventures that instill curiosity and confidence while inspiring kids to say, "Let’s Explore™"!
  • 48-piece double-sided seek-and-find floor puzzle with two different natural habitats to piece together and explore
  • Includes 48 jumbo-sized puzzle pieces, double-sided card with reference pictures and plant and critter identification lists, double-sided seek-and-find card, magnifier, collectible medallion
  • One side of the puzzle features a forest/underground scene (orange) and the other features a pond/underwater scene (green); approximately 36" x 24" assembled
  • Multiple play and learning opportunities; puzzle play encourages problem-solving and logical thinking, fine motor development, goal-setting, and patience
  • Makes a great gift for 5- to 9-year-olds, for hands-on, screen-free play

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