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Jianhui London

Clip-on Round on Square Earrings - 2 Layers

Clip-on Round on Square Earrings - 2 Layers

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2cm wooden disks on 3cm wooden squares clip on earrings, made from recycled shipping pallets. Painted with environmentally friendly paints. Available colours: Black/Gold - ER2129-0103 Black/Red - ER2129-0104 Black/Silver - ER2129-0102 Black/White - ER2129-0114 Gold/Silver - ER2129-0302 Cobalt Blue/Gold - ER2129-3503 Cobalt Blue/Silver - ER2129-3502 Pantone Classic Blue/Gold - ER2129-3803 Pantone Classic Blue/Silver - ER2129-3802 Spring Green/Gold - ER2129-1003

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